ORMED MIS™ Systems Management for Healthcare

Systems Management - Ormed Software for Healthcare

All for one, and One for all

  • Complicated or decentralized IT systems management?
  • High level of technical skills required?
  • Time-consuming software installation and
    upgrades differ program to program?
  • Frequent software failures and application downtime?


Ormed can help

ORMED MIS Systems Management software equips staff to manage the technical aspects of all ORMED MIS applications from a single location. In addition to managing upgrades for dozens of Ormed applications from a single install program, ORMED MIS Systems Management provides built-in tools and wizards that automate all standard database administrator functions.

The superior integration and power of ORMED MIS Systems Management dramatically reduces the amount of resources required to maintain all of your ORMED MIS software. It makes it easy for non-IT people to take on much of the task.

ORMED MIS Systems Management software is included with all ORMED MIS software solutions.

  • Effortlessly install and manage ORMED MIS upgrades from a single setup program
  • Enjoy superior integration and power in a robust computing environment
  • Easily update all databases on the server
  • Automatically update client workstations where and when required
  • Save time and reduce work and errors by having a single location for defining security access,
    managing database location, version, and managing multiple data schemas or instances of the data
  • Easily and quickly create extensive activity reports with a click of the mouse
  • Use table management utilities to perform data audits and update balance files
  • Significantly reduce resources required to maintain your software
  • Allow non-IT staff to maintain ORMED MIS software in order to free up internal IT resources
  • Reduce reliance on (and eliminate the cost of) external contractors
  • Install and maintain multiple ORMED MIS products easily, quickly, and inexpensively
  • Enjoy trouble-free computing, with reliable data, database, and software security
  • Protect against the impact of unrecoverable server errors