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We partner with you to ensure you achieve your goals by transferring our knowledge and skills to your organization and staff and listening and responding to your requirements and feedback. Your dedicated ORMED|MIS Product Specialists will help you get the most out of our software, from the initial implementation to ongoing support and follow-up consulting services.

What’s more, we’ll take the knowledge that we’ve gained throughout this process and use it to continually improve our software; improvements that you’ll always receive for free throughout the life of your contract.  That’s what we mean by “partner”.

Blowing Smoke

"Ormed wasn't just "blowing smoke" about building a relationship, but has really taken the initiative to do so. I believe we'll reap the benefits of a stronger relationship far beyond implementation. Having lacked a good relationship with the majority of our software vendors historically, it's difficult to express what a breath of fresh air this experience has been."
Community Memorial Hospital

Client Support

Harris Healthcare Client Services' provides world class service founded on the principles of communication, action, resolution, and evaluation to meet and exceed client expectations.

Our highly skilled and industry-experienced staff use internal customer support technology solutions to expedite the case resolution process.

Harris Healthcare's goal is to build long term relationships that create customer loyalty and trust reinforced by the personal care and service we deliver to all of our clients.

The reason we bought the Ormed system in the first place was because we liked their people and we trusted them.

Susan Yurkiw, MIS Manager

Support Phone: 877-823-7263

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Evolving with You

Ormed Software Evolution

Ormed|MIS software is fully scalable
in price and size so it’s always affordable and grows with
your organization.

Software upgrades are included in your standard maintenance agreement. And, as technology evolves free upgrades as well as the conversion of historical data ensure uninterrupted access to the very best technology and the most efficient business processes.

  • Never again feel the frustration of obsolete software!
  • Never feel the need to buy another MIS software solution!

Client Support

  • To submit a general support request for ORMED|MIS Products,
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Security and Protection

Ormed Data Security

Ormed staff are fully trained to ensure your private business information and data is held in strict confidence and your continued right to data security and protection of privacy is respected.

Our software has high-end, built-in security features that respect your need to protect your stakeholder information and data.