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Healthcare Best Practices - Supply Chain

Integrated Supply Chain Management (iSCM)

Affinity software -- is the only solution that delivers comprehensive iSCM leading practices for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare regions.

We have worked successfully with hundreds of North American organizations to increase operational efficiency, improve decision-making, and reduce costs by streamlining business processes across the supply chain -- from source to settlement.

Many promise efficiency and savings. We deliver!

"It's obvious that Affinity has invested in people that really are experts in their respective areas. Their counterparts at our hospital were impressed with their knowledge in the functional areas they worked with, and we have been impressed with how that's translated to their knowledge of the software. Knowledge and expertise aside, they were a real pleasure to spend time with."
Community Memorial Hospital

Improving quality healthcare doesn’t have to cost more money.

We were the first to introduce fully automated, fully integrated MIS software that solves critical business process problems prevalent in hospitals, long-term care facilities, healthcare systems and regions, government agencies, clinics, and suppliers to healthcare providers. With paperless e-commerce you could be saving money today that could be saving lives today and tomorrow. 

Think about it.

Before implementing Affinity solutions, hospitals had the following business problems:

Informed, timely decision-making was prevented

Timely and relevant data could not be easily obtained or verified. Decisions were made without benefit of “the full picture.” Inaccurate forecasting played havoc with cash flow and inventory.

Growth was prohibited and costs were rising

Business processes were inefficient, labour-intensive, and paper-heavy. Costly, time-consuming human errors occurred way too often. Revenue growth was outpaced by rising operational and supply costs. It was increasingly impossible to provide quality healthcare within a balanced budget.

Service and satisfaction levels were declining

Employees were stressed, morale was low, and turnover was increasing. People were working harder, not smarter, with poor results. Funding agency expectations were unmet.

For hospitals, the true power of Affinity software and the Internet is the ability to converge diversified business processes and functions, eliminate redundant work, and facilitate the free-flow of information that’s critical to working efficiently and cost-effectively. A Healthcare ERP system designed specifically for Hospitals!

Whether you’re the CFO, Director of Materials Management, Contracts Manager, Payroll Supervisor, or an IT specialist, integrated Ormed solutions make your job easier by creating enormous efficiencies, imposing tighter financial controls, and giving you full confidence in the data and information you use and report.

Since 1989, we’ve seen our solutions work in hundreds of challenging healthcare environments… with unparalleled results and excellent ROI.

We use our products and services ourselves for the same reasons we recommend them to hospitals: they do what they promise, and they deliver excellent value.

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We are proud to have supported hospitals and other healthcare providers in their drive to provide excellent quality, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare since 1989.

Our software is so intuitive, anyone can use it. Training is available to help every user – regardless of their position in your organization and comfort with leading edge technology – quickly gain competence and proficiency.
Our integration practices are so seamless, authorized users at any desktop can access the information they need when they need it, how they need it, and for whatever purpose they need it.

Healthcare solutions

Healthcare Best Practices - Supply Chain

Hospitals, regardless of size, are constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of care while simultaneously striving to reduce costs that are continuing to escalate.

Long Term Care
As populations continue to age and the financial burden on long-term care facilities continues to escalate, there’s never been a more critical time to maximize efficiency and financial control.

Systems and Regions
With current and anticipated shortages of healthcare professionals in many areas, the need for strategic, affordable, reliable, and easy-to-implement region-wide solutions has never been greater.

Clinics and Doctors Offices
For clinics and doctor's offices, the true power of Ormed software and the Internet is the ability to converge diversified business processes and functions

Healthcare merchants, regardless of size, clientele, and budget, are constantly searching for ways to improve the quality of service they provide to healthcare customers