Consulting Services


Our Product Specialists have years of experience with our products.  But more than that, most have extensive experience in operational roles in a healthcare setting.

Having worked in hospitals themselves, and having implemented and supported scores of hospitals that use our software, they are well-positioned help you identify and implement best practices for your organization.  Our consulting services include:

  • Identifying opportunities for more extensive and/or efficient use of Affinity ERP

  • Identifying opportunities for increased automation, either within our software or by interfacing with other applications used in your organization

  • Training new employees and re-training existing employees

  • Building new reports

  • Customizing your payroll system to reflect new policies and procedures

  • Analyzing your business processes, and making recommendations for best practices with the Affinity ERP system.

All consulting projects begin with a detailed statement of work, so that scope is well-defined and understood, and so that there are no surprises in terms of project budgets.

Implementation Services

Successful implementations start with the right product.  Most MIS software is generic, and requires significant adaptation to make it usable in any given industry.  This adaptation creates significant risk to costs, timelines, and ultimately functionality.  Affinity ERP was designed and built for healthcare, so very little customization is required.  This means our implementations are almost always on time, on budget, and provide the benefits that you expect.

Implementation of Affinity ERP software is carefully planned, executed, and monitored to achieve your stated goals and ensure a successful transformation with a high level of stakeholder buy-in.  We begin every implementation by documenting your expectations for our software.  Once our products are live and in use, we circle back and revisit those expectations to ensure we have met your needs.  Where necessary we will adjust our project plans to address any shortfalls.  We believe your implementation does not end when products are live; your implementation ends when your objectives have been met.

Next, we analyze your current software and processes and compare those against best practice processes used with Affinity ERP.  We identify any gaps between current and proposed processes, and establish a plan to bridge those gaps.

Then we install our software in your environment, and we work with you to import and/or build all necessary data and tables.  Your involvement at this stage is critical because it ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the Affinity ERP system, so that you can get the most out of it.

The final step is to train you and your staff on the use of Affinity ERP.  We do this last because we find training is much more effective when it is conducted using your own data, in your own environment, right before go-live.  In this way training flows seamlessly into productive use.  Our training processes are designed to minimize disruption to your staff, maximize retention, and ensure that we are always available to guide you through the process.

Our proven methodologies and built-for-healthcare software remove all of the risk normally associated with MIS implementations, and virtually guarantee your success.

  • Quickly gain proficiency,
    speed, and accuracy
  • Take full advantage of full Ormed functionality
  • Increase efficiency
    and productivity
  • Troubleshoot problems 24/7
  • Advance skills and knowledge

Our Commitment to Quality

We develop and support quality software that satisfies demand
for rich functionality, robustness, reliability, integration, security,
and ease-of-use.

We follow a defined design methodology when developing new software products and releases, assuring you that each Ormed product you purchase has been developed using consistent practices and
can be relied upon to perform predictably to high standards.

ORMED|MIS software is downloaded from our website, eliminating administration and shipping delays and ensuring fast,
easy access to the latest release.

Client Support

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