ORMED MIS Human Capital Management for Healthcare

Human Capital Management - Healthcare

Human Resources

It is crucial that frontline managers have available at their
fingertips key employee and position information they can
collect and analyze in an organized manner in order to
make timely and cost-effective decisions.

There are two Ormed Human Capital applications that allow you
to easily manage complex scenarios with employees working in multiple positions and multiple unions:

Employee Manager and Position Manager

Three other applications round out the Human Resources suite:
Recruitment, Applicant Manager and Labor Relations

An employee's primary position record

A new entry for an employee's benefit record

Employee Manager 

Employee Information at Your Fingertips

The heart of our Human Resources system, Employee Manager relies on shared data files
that can be updated and edited from multiple points within the system to put crucial employee information on the desktops of the managers who need it. Manual intervention is minimized, and decision-making confidence is increased.

Ormed Employee Manager was designed for complex organizations where employees:

  • May have multiple jobs;
  • May hold multiple positions;
  • Are located in multiple departments;
  • Work in multiple facilities;
  • Belong to one or more unions or
    collective bargaining units;
  • Are impacted by multiple pay rates;
  • Earn diverse combinations of benefits;
  • Work multiple rotations; and/or
  • Work multiple shifts on any given day.

A new entry for an emplyee's payscale record

Organizational property an employee is using

Store incumbant positions an employee is eligible to fill

With the Employee Manager, you can:

  • Track complete employee job history
  • Store unlimited contact information
    (phone numbers, addresses, etc…)
  • Build New Hire checklists
  • Easily generate regular and
    ad hoc reports in seconds
  • Hassle-free document and image attachment
  • Store photographs and create ID cards
  • Access employee vacation, sick,
    overtime, and seniority bank information
  • Review historical time cards and pay slips
  • Track professional development and training
  • Ensure occupational health and safety compliance
  • Report on WCB incidents
  • Organize performance and salary reviews
  • Track employee skills
  • Administer benefit claims
  • Track short- and long-term disability
  • Record emergency contacts and dependants
  • Track extended leave and termination
  • Manage employee benefits
  • Manage employee-specific
    earnings and deductions
  • Activate an optional feature that allows effective-dated adjustments of key tables independent of current payroll
  • Set up security access so that only users
    with appropriate rights can approve or cancel pending records
  • Assign an effective date to pending records, which determines the order in which records
    are processed
  • Increase workflow ease by allowing HR professionals to create or edit employee records without fear of impacting payroll
  • Store incumbent positions
    an employee is eligible to fill
  • Select one position as an employee's primary position for reporting and tracking purposes
  • Record and track tangible and intangible organizational property
  • Track employee ethnicity to facilitate electronic EEOC reporting by occupation class.

Employees who have worked in a position during a chosen time frame

Position Manager

Build and Manage Positions

Ormed Position Manager helps you develop, maintain, and easily access well-defined position descriptions and reporting structures that are key to ensuring budgets are accurate, job performance is maximized, and new openings are quickly filled with qualified candidates.

The graphical, online organization charting
tools help you create a position framework for managing vacancies, and controlling costs.

With the ORMED MIS Position Manager
you can:

  • Build graphical organization charts that are easy to read and understand at a glance
  • Effortlessly control position coding
  • Quickly and easily create and update job descriptions
  • Attach required skills, certifications, and education to position descriptions
  • Changes to position defaults are automatically propogated to employee files
  • Assign employees and monitor variances
  • Analyze competencies by position, FTE surpluses/deficits, certification, and skill requirements
  • Query assignments over a specified time frame