ORMED MIS Human Capital Management for Healthcare

Human Capital Management - Healthcare

Human Resources

It is crucial that frontline managers have available at their
fingertips key employee and position information they can
collect and analyze in an organized manner in order to
make timely and cost-effective decisions.

Applicant Manager
Labor Relations

Employee Manager
Position Manager

Human Resources - Recruitment

Create New Standards of Efficiency While Recruiting

Want to save time when recruiting the right people? Look no further than ORMED MIS Recruitment. This module facilitates fully integrated, position-driven recruitment and timely response to recruitment needs. Ormed Recruitment allows you to:

  • Define mandatory testing for applicants
  • Create position-driven forms with weighted, user-specific questions for routine activities
    such as interviews and performance reviews
  • Create new job postings in seconds
  • Include job posting details like submission instructions, notes, and documents
  • Specify any requirements for an applicant to apply for a posting, such as skills, tests, certifications, or education 
  • Track recruitment costs like advertising and applicant expenses to determine the most efficient and
    cost-effective recruitment methods, and provide total financial disclosure of the recruitment process
  • Easily set up evaluation criteria to search for applicant resumes
  • Track important information by creating reports for areas such as recruitment costs
  • Easily maintain records throughout the recruitment lifecycle 
  • Facilitate consistent interviewing
  • Facilitate consistent post-interview candidate analysis
  • Identify best methods for recruitment through analysis of the methods employed
    (recruiters, job boards, newspapers) and comparing it to the method of applicant referral

Human Resources - Applicant Manager 

Use Smart Software to Hire Smart People

Breeze through the entire hiring process with Ormed Applicant Manager. This module streamlines the short listing and selection process because you can automatically search for resumes using key words that identify applicants who closely match specified job requirements. You can expect to:

  • Easily create and maintain a complete record for each applicant
  • Attach important documents such as resumes, references, and certificates
  • Use the Attribute Wizard to select skills, memberships, and certifications to find applicants
    and employees based on those criteria
  • Record and track all offer information
  • Log communication between HR consultants and the applicant during the offer process
  • Make offers to applicants and create offer letters
  • Place applicants in a pending state before hiring them
  • Hire successful applicants—all relevant information from the applicant record transfers to the employee record
  • Ensure new hires are properly set up in the system with Ormed’s New Hire Wizard
  • Reduce costs by keeping the hiring process in-house
  • Reduce reliance on external consultants and agencies
  • Eliminate data re-entry while providing a complete profile of each employee
  • Track the optimum and most cost-effective methods of recruitment

Human Resources - Labor Relations

Get a Grip on Grievances and Disciplinary Issues

Ormed Labor Relations supports user-defined, step-driven management of individual and group grievance processes. This ensures responsiveness and completeness, aids organizations in meeting their legal requirements, and encourages positive relations with union representatives and members. You will be able to:

  • Manage employee grievances
  • Attach and manage any important documents to grievance or discipline records
  • Attach reports and launch them from within the software
  • Quickly view and track the history of any discipline or grievance record
  • Track all grievance or discipline-related costs
  • Professionally manage disciplinary issues
  • Securely store communication logs for an accurate audit trail of actions, correspondence, and communication
  • Link a single grievance file to a group grievance

HR professionals no longer have to worry about struggling to manage employee records, no matter how complex the employment situation. Administrative tasks are streamlined, employee information is quickly accessible and updateable, and collecting and analyzing employee information has never been easier.