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Staff Scheduler

Regardless of whether your organization operates 24/7 year-round, 9 to 5 weekdays, or any combination in between, staff scheduling is one of the most challenging tasks.

Multiple unions with complex rules combined with employees that work in more than one job can create complexities that can hamper your organization's ability to manage your human resources effectively and have the right people in place at any given moment.

To achieve efficiency, best practice calls for minimizing the amount of manual intervention required to develop work schedules. That's where an automated, integrated, industry-hardened software solution can be invaluable.

Modifying an employee's schedule

Ormed Scheduling automates the treatment of complex scheduling rules and time sheet entry to bring confidence to your scheduling decisions and dramatically reduce payroll preparation time. It can handle even complex scheduling rules to ensure that cost savings, workload, and overall efficiency are maximized.

Our advanced scheduling system allows managers to “manage peopleā€¦ not paperwork.”

  • Easily set up or edit scheduling patterns
  • Automatically generate multiple schedules with the click of the mouse
  • Create and store rotation templates
  • Schedule employees with or without rotation templates
  • Monitor employee banks
  • Import schedules by specified department or the entire organization
  • Validate schedule information online in seconds
  • Easily generate regular and ad hoc reports in seconds
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and manual scheduling tasks