ORMED MIS Human Capital Management for Healthcare

Human Capital Management - Healthcare

Handle with Care

Every business says "Our people are our most valuable resource," but the truth is many organizations just aren't set up to act that way. Rules and red tape can create barriers to efficiency and worker satisfaction, and people can start to feel like a commodity.

Smart business leaders recognize the value of a top-notch workforce – people with the right balance of knowledge, skills, critical thinking faculty, attitude, and service acumen – and the need to implement affordable, hassle-free strategies that support an ethos of mutual benefit for the employer and the employee. An area often overlooked is the HR department itself. Introducing dynamic process efficiencies that streamline HR activities can reduce back-office costs while contributing to a respect-filled corporate culture. Such efficiencies can significantly impact the effective employment, deployment, development, and evaluation of staff across your organization.

Ormed can help

ORMED MIS Human Resources Management software cost-effectively automates and integrates complex Payroll and HR administration activities (scheduling and HR management) and keeps them in-house to ensure you can respond quickly to the needs of your managers and employees without increasing overhead costs or creating information overload.

Our robust, table-driven Payroll system is fully customizable for even the most complex organization, diverse workforce, and multiple collective agreements. Our other Human Resources Management software simplifies and streamlines the management of people and relevant costs. This gives you total control of workforce-related costs and constantly ensures you are employing your valuable human resources to maximum advantage.

An employee's personal information record

Leading Practice

Superior human resources practice puts the right people and processes in place to power normal business activities that drive organizations to achieve their goals and move forward.

It's standard operating procedure for organizations that aspire to achieve peak performance, exceed customer expectations, and grow the bottom line without undue wear and tear on staff.

Full integration across HR applications, Discovery EIS and our full Ormed product family closely link HR activities to other core business processes across the organization.


Automated and Streamlined

  • Manage people… not paperwork
  • Fully automate pay and benefit calculations, pension plan administration
  • Automate time sheet entry and scheduling
  • Automate complex labor environment (e.g., multiple jobs, positions, unions, benefit plans, shifts, and locations)
  • Quickly access crucial employee information
  • Paperless HR environment eliminates miles of files and stacks of paper
  • Individual authorized users are assigned specific online access privileges to data
    relevant to their areas of responsibility

Accumulator maintenance window

Accurate and Effortless

  • HR scheduling and management
    is simplified
  • HR planning and decision-making is faster, easier, and more accurate
  • Relevant financial and statistical information is automatically generated
  • Accommodates the most complex
    payroll rules
  • Graphical online display of organization charts by position
  • Employ minimal manual intervention to reduce errors and time required to maintain
    and use the payroll system
  • Users are guided through seamless,
    efficient HR processes
  • Redundant keying is eliminated
  • Information is complete, accurate, assembled, and distributed with minimal intervention
  • Accurate real-time data is easily accessed 24/7
  • Time-consuming, inefficient manual processes are eliminated

Drill-down to the details
(unique efficiency feature!)

  • Use Crystal Reports for fast and easy reporting for internal and external requirements
  • Department, position, and other details are easily accessible at the click of the mouse
  • Critical information is at your fingertips 24/7
  • Information and report requestscan be easily and quickly satisfied
  • Better decisions are made faster and with more confidence

Integrated for Efficiency

  • Shared data files are easy to update
  • Redundant efforts are eliminated
  • Easily find the right people with the right skill sets and competencies faster and at a lower cost
  • Give authorized users fast access to record, sort, and analyze HR information
  • Manage vacancies in a time-sensitive manner
  • With a shared database, data is never entered more than once
  • Increase productivity and efficiency immediately and continuously
  • People, processes, and functions collaborate for greater overall efficiency and productivity

Flexible, customizable

  • User-defined position templates
  • Payroll software easily accommodates all details from multiple collective agreements and other arrangements

Measurable results

  • HR costs are easily analyzed
  • Adapt quickly to changes
  • Accurate information available 24/7
  • Time-savings immediately apparent
  • Workload, process steps, and administration costs are reduced
  • Performance is easily measured against objectives
  • Organization is positioned for growth without adding FTEs

Bottom line savings

  • Operating costs are reduced
  • Tighter HR budget control is achieved
  • Unauthorized practices are prevented
  • Cost savings, workload, and overall efficiency are maximized
  • Problems are identified earlier
  • “The big picture” is easily shared among key stakeholders
  • Report generation, printing, distribution, and storage costs are drastically reduced