ORMED MIS™ Finance Management for Healthcare

Finance Management - Healthcare

Life just got a whole lot easier

Your finance system is the backbone of your healthcare facility. Since finance affects everything, a significant increase in its efficiency and accuracy positively impacts the entire enterprise.

Everyone wants to run a tight ship; failing to do so means frustrating discrepancies that thwart efficiency. Insufficient expense control leads to excessive variances that impact cash flow and your organization's bottom line. Building redundant reports and troublesome data entry, coding, and reconciliation errors make a bad situation worse.

Ormed can Help For over 20 years, Ormed has thoughtfully developed and successfully implemented time-saving, reliable healthcare financial software that eliminates unnecessary frustration, tension, and wasted effort.

Solid business process logic, cutting-edge functionality, total integration, and an all-inclusive range of easy-to-use features embody every ORMED MIS Finance Management application. ORMED MIS makes staff more productive and your finance process more efficient. It makes everyone's job easier.

By automating and integrating day-to-day accounting and financial events, ORMED MIS frees you and your staff to tackle data analysis and strategic budgeting, planning, and management issues that need your expertise and knowledge.

Automated and Streamlined

  • Import subsystem information to automatically group and roll-up into financial statements
  • Eliminate miles of files and stacks of paper
  • Thoughtful automation means no wasteful re-entry of financial data

Accurate and Efficient

  • Automatically generate financial and statistical information from ORMED MIS General Ledger
  • Eliminate time-consuming, inefficient manual processes through seamless and efficient automation
  • Significantly reduce accounting errors caused by manually rekeying data, calculating journal entries,
    and entering subsystem data

Journal Voucher Entry

Drill-Down to the Details

With conventional practices, it can take days to get a detailed management report from busy finance staff. Ormed's drill-down functionality and user-defined access permissions allow you to create date-sensitive, drill-down management reports from any connected desktop in minutes with no intervention. Never again wait for others to "get around to it."

  • Easily access account source and transaction detail on every financial statement
  • Effortlessly fulfill information
    and report requests
  • Make better, faster decisions
    with greater confidence

Integrated for Efficiency

  • Noticeably improve users' productivity and efficiency by eliminating redundancy
  • Share information and collaborate for greater overall efficiency and productivity

Measurable Results

  • Access accurate information 24/7 with a mouse click
  • Save time and reduce workload, process steps, and administration costs
  • Allow tracking of key metrics for fully-informed decision making
  • Easily measure performance against objectives
  • Position your organization for growth without adding additional staff

Bottom Line Savings

  • Reduce operating costs; do much more with much less
  • Prevent unauthorized expenditures, maverick buying, and off-contract buying
  • Easily share the big picture among key stakeholders
  • Significantly reduce paper usage with electronic report generation and storage, reducing costs and your organization's environmental footprint

Efficient, Intuitive, and Reliable

As the backbone of your facility, your finance system should be top notch. ORMED MIS Finance Management allows you to manage all your financial procedures with one integrated suite. No longer having to rely on busy staff for information, you have the ability to access data as soon as you need it, all with a click of a mouse.