ORMED MIS™ Finance Management for Healthcare

Finance Management - Healthcare

General Ledger - Manager

The GL Manager is the heart of the integrated ORMED MIS system. Its facility, primary, and secondary codes form the building blocks for the General Ledger and all ORMED MIS subsystems, and its Account Groups and Quick Form tables allow all information within the system to automatically roll up for reporting purposes.

It has multi-user, multi-fund, multi-site functionality to allow the reporting of funds and facilities as individual units or as part of a larger entity, and it contains strong statistical tools that match all features offered within the Financial General Ledger.


General Ledger Manager

With the Ormed GL you can:

  • Utilize account codes logic to maximize efficiency for reporting accounts from a
    variety of views
  • Customize account groups to manage
    unique reporting requirements
  • Sub-account groups allow you to define
    the exact drill-down path for each manager
  • Rebuild account groups to give historical information on entirely new organization structures
  • Use wild cards to build revenue and expense templates that can be applied to hundreds of departments
  • Use built-in external reporting tools that
    facilitate mandatory government reporting
  • Utilize department accounts in the
    Financial General Ledger to create unique statistical accounts
  • Manage multiple equity accounts by
    mapping account code segments to particular equity accounts