ORMED MIS™ Decision Support for Healthcare

Finance Management - Healthcare

Cost Accounting and Budgeting:
Patient Costing

Patient Costing processing takes detailed patient transactions from patient billing when the final bill is produced and matches it with procedure costs determined in the cost accounting system to generate the cost of a specific patient.

Customize Datasets to your needs

Reports are produced which can be summarized by DRG, doctor, financial class, etc.

  • Easily download patient charges from your patient billing system and simultaneously capture demographic information
  • Cost all charge items for all patients
    (in and out)
  • Costs and revenue are automatically calculated for each charge item, summarized,
    and reported by patient and user-defined procedure group
  • Store and report detailed or summarized patient costs as total, fixed, variable, direct,
    indirect, labor, and other

Customize Details to your needs

The Process

The charges for all patients that have been final billed are downloaded from your patient billing system to the PC. Demographic information such as patient name, discharge date, DRG, physician, etc., and reimbursement data (if available) are also captured at this time.

Total costs and revenue are calculated for each charge item. These costs are summarized and reported by patient and procedure group
(user defined).





The Patient Costing module provides:

  • Detailed and Summary costing of all patients
  • Costs, profitability and reimbursements by:
        - DRG
        - APC
        - Physician
        - Financial Class
        - Patient Type
        - Other demographic information, 38 fields in all
  • Costs reported as total, fixed, variable, direct, indirect, labor and other
  • Basis for strategic decision making
  • One Button drill down to patient cost detail by charge item