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We are pleased to offer our tried and proven ORMED|MIS software solutions in the following areas of excellence:

Finance Management

Total control of all financial business processes is yours with a full suite of proven finance software solutions that automate, simplify, and integrate all critical accounting and reporting activities. You can confidently go about your daily business knowing your financial, statistical and accounts receivable information is complete, accurate, and effortlessly assembled and distributed to authorized stakeholders only, with minimal intervention.

Decision Support

At the top of the ORMED|MIS product line, and fully integrated into every system that feeds our general ledger software, Ormed's Decision Support solutions take you full circle from budgeting, forecasting and cost accounting to reporting and analysis. Effortlessly increase decision-making confidence by linking budget tools directly to revenue and expenses with continuous access to historical transaction data and live monitoring of your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Supply Chain Management

Total control of the entire source-to-settlement process is yours with a comprehensive suite of integrated and
e-commerce enabled SCM software that significantly reduces work and errors while improving efficiency to make a dramatic impact on the bottom line. Your entire supply chain is streamlined and automated, from electronic sourcing and contracting through ORMED X E-Commerce Business Center, to anticipating and filling demand, with integration that reaches deep into your supply chain. Our SCM solution drives new efficiencies across your organizationand ensures that every dollar you spend is well-spent.

Human Capital Management

By simplifying and streamlining HC management processes, you can achieve total control of workforce-related costs and be constantly assured of employing your valuable human resources to maximum advantage. ORMED|MIS's Human Capital Management Suite includes everything from Time and Attendance, to web-based Employee Self Service, to a powerful, fully customizable Payroll system that easily accommodates any workforce, including employees across multiple collective agreements.

E-Commerce Business Center

ORMED X is the secure online Internet portal that provides built-in e-commerce to ORMED|MIS enterprise software.
E-Commerce, which essentially means communicating through computers instead of telephones, faxes, and mail, allows your business to receive and react to outside information in real-time while eliminating expensive data entry
and the transactional errors it causes.

Systems Management

This suite of software and database management tools allows non-technical people to manage the technical
and security aspects of all your ORMED|MIS software. It's a database administrator in a box!

Evolving with You

ORMED|MIS software is fully scalable and grows with your business. Upgrades are included in your standard maintenance agreement.
As technology evolves, free upgrades and conversion gives you continual access to the very best technology..

With Ormed, you will never again feel the frustration of obsolete software.

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