Our Story

With our roots in healthcare MIS solutions and our focus on hospitals and healthcare regions, we develop, implement, maintain, and support fully integrated software and an internet portal to increase efficiency, financial control, and peace of mind.

We are a North American thought leader in the healthcare sector and one of the largest suppliers of Management Information Systems (MIS) software solutions for small to medium sized healthcare facilities.

Built to satisfy the challenging demands of the healthcare industry, implementing best practices will drive higher levels of productivity and profitability by significantly increasing the efficiency of your business processes.

About Harris

Harris means choice, expertise & relationship.

Choice among industry leading software solutions. We provide choice by building or acquiring solutions and then combining them with our software for life program.  Our goal is to provide our customers with a solid return on their investment and the ability to choose the best solution that meets their unique needs.

Expertise from our employees who are industry, regulatory and domain experts. We combine industry best practices, decades of experience and our customer communities to deliver a customer experience second to none.

Relationship for the long term.  We want our customers to be customers for life and we focus on creating a customer experience that will deliver on this goal. We build mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers where we work together to ensure we understand and meet the needs of their organizations now and in the future.

We combine choice, expertise & relationship with profitable growth and an environment of openness, trust and credibility. At Harris, we do the right thing when it comes to our customers and our employees.

We are a financially strong, growing and stable company—one that provides leadership within our markets, commitment and integrity to our customers and employees and steady returns to our shareholders. Our longevity speaks to our success, we have been in business since 1976 and our ability to adapt to our markets' changing needs ensure our future success.

We have been part of the Constellation Software Incorporated group of companies since 1996.


Why Affinity ERP

  • Full confidence in every number in every financial statement
  • All pertinent business information consolidated to a single desktop
  • Tighter control of spending
  • Intuitive software that makes your job easier
  • Effortless, reliable Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Fully integrated innovative e-commerce
  • A trusted company, with strong ethics and a proven record of accomplishment


"We're able to drill-down within the GL to find exact payroll information... right down to the individual and the timecard. Before, we never had that ability."
Beth McIsaac
Accounting Manager
W P S Health Centre
I recently trained a new person on the software, and she said, 'That's got to be the easiest system I've ever had to learn.
Christine McCoy
Manager of Finance
Marion General Hospital

In Memoriam

Steve Huesing
April 2009

Ormed Board Member
for over 15 years,
Executive Director of IMIA,
President of Coach,
and cofounder of ITAC Health (Formally CHITTA)

A great friend and supporter, who will be missed by all.