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Leading practices in Integrated Supply Chain Management (iSCM)

We welcome the opportunity to assist you in implementing an integrated Supply Chain practice. With over 20 years of experience in providing supply chain systems to both small and large regions, we certainly have proven solutions that can make the purchasing and providing considerably more effecient, and hence vastly more cost effective.

The OntarioBuys initiative as outlined for Ontario's public sector by the OntarioBuys Working Group in Integrated Supply Chain Management (iSCM): A Leading Practices Compendium (December 2004), is just one example of how we can help.

Ormed's fully automated and integrated source-to-settlement solution -- ORMED MIS Supply Chain Management and Accounts Payable software and the ORMED X B2B Internet portal and ORMED X Easy Pay program -- addresses the Leading Practices Compendium:

 Electronic Purchase Order
 Electronic Order Acknowledgement
 EFT Payment and Notification
 Electronic Invoice and Credit Memo
 Electronic Web Requisitioning with Work Flow and Approvals
 Bar Coding / Point-of-use Data Capture
 Electronic Catalog
 Contract and Rebate Management
 Electronic Tendering
 Advanced Ship Notice
 Warehouse and Inventory Management Automation

Ormed e-solutions streamline the healthcare supply chain from source to settlement -- eliminating bottlenecks, redundant work, and other inefficiencies -- to improve business process efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient care and staff morale.

Get Started

We've designed a handy guide – Leading Practices in Integrated Supply Chain Management (iSCM) – for those that wish to use it alongside the OntarioBuys Compendium.

To download the Ormed guide: click here.

To read the OntarioBuys Compendium: click here.

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