Cost Accounting Live at Beauregard Memorial


Joan Gustafson, Director of Financial Products & Project Manager for Cost Accounting, announced that Beauregard Memorial Hospital in De Ridder, LA is now live with the ORMED|MIS Cost Accounting product.

It was implemented in conjunction with NTT Data.

Vivienne Miles, IT Operations Analyst for the hospital commented, “This is going to open some eyes as it is very robust and has great reporting. The hospital has really taken to the ORMED|MIS suite.” She also said that the implementation by NTT Data and ORMED|MIS was “seamless.” Beauregard currently has Medsphere’s Clinical Solution with their OpenVista CareVue EHR implemented.

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  • Cost Accounting

    Cost Accounting now integrates with significantly enhanced Budgeting solution.

  • Budgeting

    Ormed Budgeting was designed to simplify the budgeting process while still offering a detailed working strategic budget. Features unique to the Ormed Budgeting system:

Supply Chain Management - Manterials Management - Requisitioning - Inventory Control - Strategic Sourcing - Eassy Pay for Hospitals

You can confidently go about your daily business knowing your financial, statistical and accounts receivable information is complete, accurate, and effortlessly assembled and distributed to authorized stakeholders only, with minimal intervention.

Decision Support is at the top level of the ORMED MIS product line, and fully integrated into every system that feeds our general ledger software,

Ormed's Decision Support solutions take you full circle from budgeting and forecasting, cost accounting to reporting and analysis. Effortlessly increase decision-making confidence by linking budget tools directly to revenue and expenses with continuous access to historical transaction data and live monitoring of your key performance indicators (KPIs).

Total control of the entire source-to-settlement process is yours with a comprehensive suite of integrated and e-commerce enabled Supply Chain Management software that significantly reduces work and errors while improving efficiency to make a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

Your entire healthcare supply chain is streamlined and automated, from electronic sourcing and contracting through ORMED X E-Commerce Business Center, to anticipating and filling demand, with integration that reaches deep into your supply chain.

Our SCM solution drives new efficiencies across your organization and ensures that every dollar you spend is well-spent.

By simplifying and streamlining Human Capital Management processes, you can achieve total control of workforce-related costs and be constantly assured of employing your valuable human resources to maximum advantage.

Ormed's Human Capital Management Suite includes everything from Time and Attendance, to web-based Employee Self Service, to a powerful, fully customizable Payroll system that easily accommodates any healthcare workforce, including employees across multiple collective agreements.

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Efficiency comes when software leads employees through a fully integrated business process enabled with advanced e-commerce
that eliminates data entry and dramatically reduces errors.

Financial Control comes from knowing that business information is always at your fingertips and that account source and transaction details are only a mouse-click away.
Peace of Mind comes with knowing that you can absolutely trust your numbers and your business is as efficient as it can be.

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